My Rescue Friends

To all the rescue animals, past, present and future, with love, x
Here are some of them ...My Animal Family

mr jarvisThis is Mr Jarvis, who is now 18.5 years old. He was a rescue kitten, along with his brother Mortimer and they were both born in the Tower of London, real City Gents! Mr Jarvis is a wise, loving chap and doing very well for his senior years. He is the colonel in the house and the younger animals all obey him. He has been generous and allowing in accepting 3 new cats and a dog into his home and he is a continuous support in my work with animals.


mortimerThis is Mortimer who passed in 2007. He was a happy, confident little chap who I adored and sadly miss. 






boThis is Bo (16), Queenie (7) and Cheech (6) who I brought home from Foal Farm Rescue Centre in Biggin Hill, Kent where I volunteer.

Bo was brought in to the farm as his person had dementia and could not look after him anymore. I had only been volunteering a few weeks and he was the first cat that I fell for! He was scared and did not know what was happening to him and why he was there. On the first day I went into his room and sat quietly with him.

queenieThe next week when I went in to be with him he came over to me and put his paw on my arm and went nose to nose with me. I was smitten with him and knew that I had to take him home. I was also concerned that he would not get homed quickly as the farm had been told that he was 16. We now know that he was definitely not 16 then and is probably more likely to be that age now.


Queenie and Cheech came to the farm having lived in a shed after their humans had had a baby. They were at the farm for 1.5 years, which was probably due to Queenie having a blood disorder, and people not wanting to take on that responsibility.

cheechEach week I would spend time with them both and loved them very much. It got to a point that I could not stand it anymore that they did not have a home, even though they were dearly loved at the farm, and that they had not had grass under their paws for a very, very long time. It was truly wonderful to bring them home and watch the joy on their faces when we let them out into our garden for the first time.



wurzelThis is Wurzel and he is about 2.5 years old. I met him whilst volunteering as a Dog Walker at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home –

He had been found as a stray and he was very nervous and anxious. I walked him on a weekly basis and he was terrified and spent a lot of time walking around my ankles. Slowly he began to trust me and I grew attached to him. I would spend my volunteering hours walking him and then sitting with him giving him healing. It was wonderful to see him sleep and hear him snoring and know that he was getting the respite he so desperately needed. He found kennel life very tough. Other volunteers and staff loved him too and he spent the daytime in Jess’s (a staff member) office which allowed him time away from his kennel where he received loving attention from Jess. I could not stop thinking about him and knew that I had to bring him home. Since he has joined our family, he has gone from strength to strength and is now a confident, playful and content little chap. He still has anxious and nervous moments, especially with new situations, but he can now look to me for security, stability and love.

My Other Rescue Friends

sparkyThis is Sparky (steer calf), Maddie (white goat) and Lucky (black goat) who were all rescued by Shawn and Michael and live with them at The Sanctuary in Matakana, New Zealand -

When I first met Sparky he would not come near me as he was distrustful of humans due to the abuse he had received.

The following day I went out to find Sparky, with the intention to offer him healing. I found him walking up the hill where I had met him the day before and Maddie and Lucky had followed me.

All of a sudden Sparky lay down and I decided to go over to him. He allowed me to sit near him and to give him healing. I felt very honoured.

I decided to include the two goats in the healing and all of a sudden Lucky lay down and then Maddie lay down - all in a row! luckyIt was a fantastic calm scene and I felt very privileged that 3 animals who did not know me and who had received terrible treatment at the hands of humans could surrender to the healing process.

When I had finished the healing I stood up and Sparky and Lucky remained lying on the ground, even as I left the field. I wish that I had taken a photo!

I told Shawn what had happened and she said that both Sparky and Lucky never lie down with strangers, ever. Thank you, Sparky, Lucky and Maddie for sharing your beautiful lives with me.

Thank you also to Snowy, the cockatoo (beauty) and Jose, the kune-kune pig (peace) for gracing my website. A big thanks goes to Shawn and Michael for taking so many animals into their loving care.

princessThis is Princess, a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier who I met whilst volunteering at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home –

Princess was a long-stayer at Battersea and was there for over a year – she has now been rehomed. To be able to cope with kennel life for that amount of time shows her strength of character and she was well loved by staff and volunteers.

I worked with Princess for two months and during one of the healing sessions she told me that she wanted something pink as people thought she was a big brute, when in fact she was a girly princess, despite her size. I shared this with staff and volunteers and everybody rallied round and she was given a pink blanket, a pink collar, and I put pink ribbons on the card outside her kennel.

She is a special girl and I wish her a wonderful life in her new home.

Thank you to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and all the staff and volunteers for the fantastic job they do in providing a safe haven for dogs and cats until new homes can be found.

bubblesThis is Bubbles and when I met her at Foal Farm it was instant love –
She was a beautiful, little black cat with the softest fur and a very loving heart. She had been found abandoned in local woodland and brought to the farm.

She was in a terrible state, very thin and limping. She was diagnosed to have luxating patellas, which is a condition in which the kneecap dislocates or moves away from its normal location.

I felt saddened when I saw the state of her back legs and the difficulty she had with walking. On my weekly visit to volunteer she always managed to get up and greet me even though she had to crawl like a crab to do so.

Bubbles was operated on by the Bionic Vet to straighten her legs and I ran the 2011 London Marathon to raise money to pay for the operation and subsequent check-ups. I raised over £2,700 and was delighted by people’s generosity and kindness.

Bubbles was rehomed soon afterwards and when I visited her to show her my medal I was thrilled to see her walking, running, and jumping as if nothing had happened. If you met her today you would see a beautiful, little black cat with the softest fur and a very loving heart and four lovely perfect legs.

Thank you to Foal Farm for their willingness to help animals like Bubbles and to not give up on them.

Thanks also to Amelia, our gorgeous visiting Fox, Mr Bean (Cat) and BunBun (Rabbit) in Italy, for being part of my life and having your beautiful faces on my website.


Whilst on holiday in South Africa, I volunteered at Crow (Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife), an experience which I greatly appreciated –  – where I took this photo. The staff and volunteers do a great job helping the abandoned and abused wildlife.

This says it all ...


Read some of the wonderful things my clients have said..

SAMMYSammy had a wonderful communication with Alison, I knew she had the right animal as soon as she described him as not being very brave and that he is a sensitive chap – that was so spot on. I was able to ask any question I wanted and Alison was able to share with me Sammy’s answers.